y’all need to read snopes

mr. rogers wasn’t even in the fucking military ya busta fooligan

oh it’s 4am and i’m gonna cry because cory monteith is a guest voice on this episode of the simpsons

You know, that’s a kneeler.

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i didn’t realize this as a kid but marge and homer sure almost cheat on eachother a lot

Maybe we need to think like Stiles./ Like a hyperactive spaz? 

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my power went out so i couldn’t be online so i started playing my ds and now the power’s back on so i’m still playing my ds. bye

seriously listen to ‘summer girls’ by lfo again… the lyrics make no logical sense at all. it’s just a bunch of non-sequitur phrases that rhyme. like the random mention of paul revere and billy shakespeare ???  why? ‘i like kevin bacon but i hate footloose’ what does that have to do with summer girls?

why do people idolize the 90s? judging by this song, they were a confusing time for everyone