Dean Winchester in 9x18 | Alex Annie Alexis Ann

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i need someone to make a gif of dean laughing at the hand in the woodchipper and put it next to the gif of sam warming his hands over a burning body

"we were wrong about the girl"

dang with all this aggro mark of cain shit i’m pleasantly surprised dean hasn’t regressed into his old way of thinking ‘monster = evil! must kill!’ dean realizing there was a gray area and that not all monsters are bad was a huge character development and i’ve loved seeing the show play with the concept of moral monsters over the years so idk i’m just happy dean’s bloodlust hasn’t totally clouded his humanity

dean: “hey, you need a hand with that?”

*sees a bloody hand sticking out of a wood-chipper*

dean: *laughs* “i guess not”

"Part of me always believed that you’d come back."

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Favorite Dean moments in season 9 (1/?)

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make me choose
asked: dean winchester or stiles stilinski