This pic makes me so happy, its from Samantha Smith via Twitter. She wrote on April 10th: ” Was going thru old pix looking for something & stumbled upon this old thing from the “alive days.” Aww!


Anon requested Dean and Cas under the mistletoe but since I’m stuck on my iPad you get a crappy iPad sketch.

Snow Day


a/n: I wanted to write a Blaminn fic based off of some of Emily’s tweets. It’s a little silly and has no point other than I wanted to. Romantic Blinn and Bromance Blam/Sinn/Blaminn. 950 words, PG.

What could be better than a snow day? Spending it with your best friend and the boy who invades all of your thoughts. 

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Man I can’t watch the new ep when it comes out because of school. v___v SIGH… A small in-class doodle.