zach just running out of the dr like that tho

i was wondering why they were setting that abstract statue on fire when i remembered that their mascot was the cyclones

Stiles: "What did you read?"
Lydia: "The Little Mermaid"
Stiles: "You read a MOVIE!?"

i’m pretty sure “scary” is the only adjective christine knows

'waa! zach blew up our obvious alliance to victoria (who we all think is useless anyway) after we told him were conspiring to evict him while lying to his face all week! waaahh! i don't understand why didn't he volunteer to go on the block this week? lets vote him out!'

-babies in bb16

if you’re gonna vote for team america’s task vote for A because that could be funny and it wouldn’t be intentionally fucking with someone else’s game

oh zach was so close to getting that wrong

when braeden was disarming derek he looked so small (maybe it has something to do with the fact that his shirt was 4 sizes too big) lil’ bb human derek