derrick: *turns over a game piece with his own face on it* “cutie”

ichabod poking at the gear shift what a confused cutie

idk what i was expecting to happen during the sleepy hollow season 2 premiere but naked benjamin franklin was a shock

haha undercover cop derrick holding up a sign that says 420


uh they haven’t had the hoh comp yet or the nominations and we don’t know if anyone will press the damn button or who it would benefit or hurt! calm yo damn tits!

best part about this episode:

  • clip of dan gheesling/dan’s funeral
  • cody’s dinosaur costume
  • caleb jumping over the diary room chair and hiding behind it
  • when the ‘bombs’ blew up and covered them in paint
  • nicole’s hair when they were picking players for the veto comp

wait, the bold and the beautiful want donny to guest star on their show omg! that’s awesome!